Pre-Ordering Project Starline

We are currently taking Project Starline pre-orders with a deposit of $15,000 USD. We know that purchasing such an exclusive and bespoke vehicle is no small thing, with excitement at every step of the process. At Lumen, we want to make this process unique, special, and engaging for our clients, as we see them as part of our Lumen family. Pre-Ordering a Lumen comes with many unique perks. With your deposit, you instantly become a direct contributor to the development process of Project Starline, where we include your feedback throughout the development journey. You will also secure your spot for your very own Lumen, with expected deliveries tentatively starting late 2018 to early 2019. Lastly, pre-ordering Project Starline will offer you the exclusive opportunity to be one of the first people to ever own and experience a Lumen; a timeless car that showcases true American craftsmanship, elegance, and technical ingenuity.

Handcrafted For You

For the first 49 secured pre-orders, our clients will receive their cars Tailored by Lumen, our exclusive personalization program, at no additional cost to the final MSRP. Your Lumen will have a unique Special Edition commemorative badge in the cabin and in the frunk. You will also receive a pair of Special Edition key fobs and wooden key fob storage box with its matching Special Edition badge. Upon completing the pre-order registration and submitting your deposit, your spot for your Lumen and chassis number will be secured and relayed to you. You will be contacted on a later date by a Lumen Motors – California Sales Representative to finalize the purchase order, complete documentation, and make arrangements to close the remaining balance. Once your purchase order has been finalized, one of
our Design Specialists will contact you to make all the necessary arrangements to configure your Lumen to your exact specifications.



How To Pre-Order

Serious clients who would like to become one of the very first to pre-order Project Starline are welcomed to fill out this form and request a Pre-Order Form and Introductory Packet. This packet comes with all the necessary documentation to pre-order Project Starline, as well as two hand-made examples of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that are at the very core of Lumen Motors, yours to keep.