As an automotive engineering, manufacturing, and technology company, Lumen offers a wide array of Engineering and Design solutions for individual and corporate clients alike. We use our expertise and backgrounds in automotive, aerospace, electrical, power systems, industrial, and petro-mechanical engineering to deliver world-class engineering solutions. Taking an adaptable, lean, and innovative approach to solving engineering problems, Lumen has the ability to switch between large projects, such as production vehicle development, to projects like one-off personal electric conversions. Our development of Project Starline has positioned us as a leader in electric vehicle development, allowing us to understand every stage of the project development process and lead in the Electric Revolution.

Tailored Solutions For the Most Demanding of Projects

Each Engineering Solution is specifically tailored to your project needs, deadlines, quality, and performance criteria, allowing us to save on costs and lead times, as well as work with established OEM’s, Startups, and even individuals.

Our Engineering and Design Solutions Include:

  • Full Electric Conversions of ICE Vehicles
  • Vehicle Exterior and Interior Design
  • Suspension and Steering Systems Design, Modeling, Integration, and Testing
  • Drivetrain Design, Development, Integration, and Assembly
  • Materials Analysis, Design, Production, Validation, and Repair
  • General CAD Design and Modeling
  • Vehicle Weight Reduction and Range Extending Consulting
  • Tool and Mold Development and Production
  • Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Solutions
  • Manufacturing, Assembly, and Production Planning and Development

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High Performance Components

As in Project Starline, we believe in using only the very best components for any project. Motors that put out over 1,000 BHP, battery packs that have some of the best power densities in the industry, and composites that have the highest strength to weight ratios while lowering costs, allow us to handcraft of the best electric vehicles in the world. That is why we make our components available for outside projects at costs that are unmatched in the industry. All of these components are available for any project size and can be easily tailored to match your required specifications.


Outperforming the Competition

All of our available components are tailored to work at any application and at a wide range of price points. Each component is individually tested and validated prior to shipment and/or instalation and can be scaled for applications ranging from basic EV conversions to high-performance electric vehicles. Our components showcase true American craftsmanship, engineering, and technical ingenuity.

Our Components Include:

  • High-Performance AC Motors – Adjustable Power Ratings of Over 1,000 BHP
  • High-Performance Motor Controllers
  • Advanced Carbon Fiber Composite Parts
  • Modular, Salable Long-Range, High-Density Lithium-Ion Battery Packs with or without Integrated Cooling
  • Single and Dual Speed Gearboxes
  • Lumen’s Proprietary Variable Honeycomb Matrix™ for Composites Reinforcement (Can be produced into a single piece for any shape and size needed.)
  • Custom Vehicle Body Panels and Aesthetic Components
  • Tailored Built Driveshafts
  • Custom Carbon Fiber Finishing/Detailing
  • 3D Printing at Any Scale

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