We are a high-end electric vehicle manufacturer located in Houston, Texas. Our mission is to bring to the world the very best specialty electric cars.

Juan Gallegos founded Lumen Motors with the mission to create the world’s very best cars. Since he was a child, Juan has carried with him an insatiable passion for cars and technology. At the age of 10, Juan had dreamt up a series of companies that made telescopes, combat submarines, luxury cruise liners, and most notably, a sports car company which he dubbed “Citrine Motors.” In all of those childhood companies, Juan had drawn countless of sketches with specs and figures and how he would execute those ideas. As time went on, Juan’s passion for cars and technology continued to grow, and during his time at the University of Houston, he decided at the age of 20 to pursue his childhood dream: to create and build a car company. Not just any car company, but a company that seeks to redefine the boundaries of performance, elegance, sustainability, driving experience, and quality.



Lumen Motors materialized in August of 2014 with the mission of creating the world’s best cars, a series of premier all-electric vehicles. Juan began with defining the benchmarks for what the perfect car ought to be and quickly formed his Co-Founding team: a hand-picked group of guys who have the same ardent passion for cars and technology. They then began with the fundamental and critical component considerations and designs, and have grown their team since then. Up to date, Lumen has done the engineering blueprinting and design considerations needed to build our first prototype in-house. Our team at Lumen has also begun working on designing and prototyping interior components that are critical for the premier driving experience that Lumen envisions. Lumen Motors also successfully participated in the 2015 University of Houston RED Labs summer accelerator program alongside 11 other startups from both the University of Houston and Rice University.

Meet The Team Behind Project Starline

The story has just begun, and we are excited to share our journey with you. Lumen Motors is here to make automotive history and create exceptionally awesome cars that run on electricity.