Coming 2018 - Project Starline - The Premier Electric Vehicle

The Lumen Motors Company

About Lumen Motors

With the mission to create the world’s very best cars, we at Lumen are creating an automotive masterpiece unlike any other electric car out there; a car that captures every inch of your senses while having zero-emissions. A passion for cars, elegant engineering, and the vision for what the perfect car should be are at the very core of Lumen Motors.

We are Lumen Motors, and we are making the Premier Electric Vehicle™. Read More.






Project Starline

Code named Project Starline, our first model will be an all electric car that evokes passion like none other before it. Lumen’s Premier Electric Vehicle will encompass unsurpassed elegance with thrilling high performance. Using the most exclusive and finest of materials, breathtaking design, and elegant engineering, Project Starline is being crafted into the Premier Electric Vehicle. For our clients who want a unique touch to their Lumen, we offer the Tailored by Lumen™ option; our exclusive personalization program for our clients where we tailor their Lumen to their exact spec, with an endless array of colors, finishes, materials, and trims, mirroring their statement of who they are in a one-off, all-American-made bespoke car. Read More.

What We’ve Been Up To

Within our philosophy of what the perfect car should be, we know that each component of the car has to accentuate the overall driving experience for the driver and the passengers. Even though we’re creating a technological masterpiece, we are also crafting a work or automotive art. We focus down to the detail and use creativity in innovative ways. As a startup, things are always happening, changing, growing, and evolving. We want to share our progress with you as we craft and bring to life Project Starline, our first model-to-be. Read More.